Unlived Life?

Each morning, another day is available to you. There are of course routine responsibilities that we all must perform. People rely on us for things to be completed. There will be incidents and occurrences outside of the norm that will require our immediate attention as well.

At the end of each day, consider if you merely settled on just making it through the day? You hoped to provide, perform and/or experience more, but it didn’t happen. On most days, falling short is the direct result of the resistance in our own head. A resistance to not start or to not finish something we really wanted to do for fear that we might fail or appear out of place.

Resistance is very real. We all have it. Don’t settle though for barely passing through the days to get to the next. Connect, Discover, Experience and Focus to fulfill your days by learning and progressively applying what you are learning.

Be the architect of your future. Support others attempting to beat the resistance to do the same. In all of my reading, I’ve never found a person near the end of their lives that wished they hadn’t learned so much.

Most of us have two lives. The life we live and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands resistance.” — Steven Pressfield —


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