Milestone: Applied Learning post # 600.

On occasion of this milestone, I offer two messages: Appreciation and Reflection.

First, my purposeful thank you to those that seek to continue learning along with me in this experience. Those that read the content to connect new thoughts with their current way of thinking and then apply that opened mindset into their work and their lives.

Second, in a reflection of sorts on this milestone occasion as a “writer,” I realize with even more certainty that I am a coach and an educator by nature and nurture. I was lucky enough to have known this to some degree as I pursued a formal education and sought out meaningful, applied coaching experiences in preparation for a lifetime of coaching others to continually learn.

By instinct, I chose to emulate the path of those adults who were predominantly coaches and educators. Certainly those that I admired above all others. To no surprise, my brother is still navigating a very similar path of his own. We learned to invest in others. My family and closest accomplices in life and work continue to support this path with me and for that I am forever grateful.

Be coachable. Coaches and educators are everywhere, but only when we look for them. By writing in this format for you each week day, my intent is to facilitate your efforts to remain coachable.

The pattern of writing each week day drives my habit to myself seek specific coaching lessons and to then prepare/coach/challenge others while featuring that specific content. It doesn’t work every day for every reader I’m sure, but on occasion, coachable leaders move themselves from the referenced thoughts.

All that a great coach or educator should ever need is to have players/students that present themselves with a desire to learn. The rest is on the coach. I have been fortunate enough to have several learners that allow me to keep this writing experience moving forward.

I will have moved past this milestone once I hit the publish button this morning. What I will always carry with me though are the reinforcing moments along the way to #600 where someone stopped to share with myself or another what a difference a specific coaching effort has facilitated for them.

Experience fails to teach where there is no desire to learn.” — George Bernard Shaw —

Thank you for your continued desire to learn. Your desire brings forth a ripple effect of having made a grater difference with others.


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