Pay Attention to?

It was starting to seem more normal amid a pandemic, but the risks of infection rates appear to be rising again for most. Each of us will need to continue to shape our own risk tolerance in response. A better normal is not quite here yet.

So, the infection rate hasn’t settled and a plausible vaccine is not ready. Science predicted this occurrence and each of us will again make plans and re-evaluate our risks, again. There is no certainty that this will be the last time to do this before this virus is contained.

What now is your level of risk to assume as conditions change? We are constantly evaluating our level of risk with many others facets of our lives, but never seemingly as concentrated and publicized as with this particular health crisis.

When will you know with certainty what level of risk is tolerable for you? There are opinions, examples from others, public mandates, advisement from experts and a slew of media pundits offering their insight.

As with assuming any and all risks in our lives, it is important to hold your level of simple, rational confidence in your decisions. The concentration of a pandemic and a numbing amount of information being given will inform and possibly alter your decisions.

Be still amid uncertainty. Continue to hold your attention to what matters most for you. From here you will believe and confidently decide what is best for you. Some risks will be assumed in our lives, merely determine with confidence with your level of risk.

“A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.” — Herbert Simon —


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