To gain knowledge does not mean that you have yet gained the benefit of taking in that knowledge. The benefit occurs in your behaviors and actions that you take as a result of that knowledge.

We can read the book of a famous chef, but the knowledge offered brings no benefit unless we apply this knowledge into specific actions.

We can read the book of a great scientist with a proven theory, but the knowledge again offers no benefit to us if left unapplied.

First, imagine what it is you would like to learn and to what benefit you are likely to gain as a result of the knowledge you will take in. This sets a course to more suitably apply with actions what you are seeking to know more about.

Imagination doesn’t involve limitations, it’s free to imagine. Knowledge with no purpose or intent lies dormant and unconnected with your level of success and wisdom. Seek targeted knowledge to be applied by you for your specific purpose.

“Logic will get you from “A” to “B.” Imagination will take you everywhere.” — Albert Eisnstein —


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