There is tremendous value to be derived with your capacity to develop and sustain a productive habit.

Not merely intending to do something on a regular basis. Not to make a daily decision about what you might do each day, but rather a habit entrenched in your daily life.

A diabetic person can’t merely “intend” to check their blood levels and supply themselves with a prescriptive dose of insulin. To remain healthy, each diabetic must form a productive and imperative habit with great regulation to maintain their health. The consequences of not forming this habit are truly deadly.

For you to exercise each day, you will also need to form a habit. The consequences for not exercising each day are not nearly as harsh as those of a diabetic, but critical nonetheless for your physical and mental health. All the distractions and excuses in life enter into the equation if you merely have intentions or opt to make an isolated decision each day.

Stop to think for a few minutes. What is imperative for you to do each day in the form of a productive habit to live your purpose and to meet your goals? Our habits greatly impact our level of success.

With a purpose to coach myself and others for continuous learning, I have formed a sound habit of writing in this format each weekday morning. This has now been the case for all but one morning of the past 600+ weekday mornings. With this productive habit, I continue to learn and others may as well.

Direct your life and your impact through habits and not merely intentions or daily decisions.

“We are what we repeatedly do,” Aristotle said, “therefore, excellence is not an act but a habit.”


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