Next Time

Ever catch yourself saying, I’ll do much better the next time?

We usually offer the “I’ll do better next time” explanation when we find ourselves caught. We fell short of the results expected of us and the consequences of that effort mattered a great deal more with others than we anticipated. Half-assed effort rarely cuts it.

Maybe we were overwhelmed with other things or we didn’t have the necessary time. Apply your best excuse here, real or not, but we only reassessed the matter later because we let ourselves and/or others down with the end result.

At this point, we can’t go back to change the effort and attention that we originally gave. We are now stuck with the half-assed effort and results.

An ideal solution would be to give your best effort each time with no regrets. None of us will be perfect with this discipline, but always better to apply and engage with the best effort you have if you are going to do it at all. End results may matter more than you thought.

Live as if you were living a second time, and as though you had acted wrongly the first time.” — Viktor Frankl —


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