Not Yet

Would you purposefully choose to learn nothing new today? To simply walk through a routine day and not have to think more deeply?

Amid the many disruptions of the year 2020, many are growing tired of experiencing the presenting challenges. Now is not the time though to withdraw your capacity to learn and grow from these challenges.

Even though people are growing fatigued with it all, the journey isn’t over. In reality, we don’t yet know when or if a new beginning might occur.

Be patient, yet persistent as you set your course. Don’t overlook the many blessings in your life as you grow tired of it all. Keep an open mind, there remains to be a great deal yet to learn in these disruptions. What you learn and grow with now may be carried forward as preparation for the next series of challenges.

“The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to it’s original size.” — Albert Einstein —


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