A long-standing problem has gone unsolved. This problem may be key to your overall success and/or happiness, but you leave it be.

Occasionally we talk about needing to resolve the issue, but then we haven’t yet. We continue to skirt around the barrier as a regular practice rather than change ourselves along with others to deal with it.

I’m sure each of us has many of these problems that we know should be resolved. We may even know how to solve them.

To leave them as such will come to a point where this will impact others to a greater extent. Is there a time where it will matter enough for you so that you will correct it?

Maybe now is that time to stop talking about the problem and solve it. In this we become more reliable to the benefit of others that count on you.

A reliability to do well with what you said you were going to do is a great asset. Your decisive actions to work through the barriers as reality presents them will improve yourself, help others to excel and differentiate yourself in your relationships.

“Do actions agree with words? There’s your measure of reliability. Never confine yourself to the words.”  — Frank Herbert —


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