Reaching success generally begins with some form of momentum. On purpose or even by accident. You start and you make progress. No start, no progress.

It might be your first daily core workout for five minutes that propels you to reach a monthly goal and then form a regular practice of doing so.

It might be writing for the first time to establish a network of people that gather their own momentum from reading a referenced message you have shared.

It might be making those first few cold calls to begin building a network of relationships to establish a business around.

It might be starting, by stopping something that is very unproductive in your life. First for a day and then another. Momentum is building from a start.

Momentum is gained at the front end of the most important steps you will take in your lifetime. Momentum sustained from this start can evolve us from, “yes” or “no” daily indecisions into lifetime habits that are critical in your level of attained success.

“Momentum begets momentum, and the best way to start is to start.” — Gil Penchina —

Today, just start. Support others to start as well to sustain their momentum into a disciplined practice. Start again, if it didn’t “take” the first few times.


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