The level of character you possess and display over time will ultimately determine your level of success. Low character actions produce lower level outcomes. High character actions helps us to eventually exceed expectations.

We all have qualities that together work to form our character. Some qualities are of strength and others of weakness. The presented character of most people veer either to be of strength or of weakness.

Robert Greene offers several defining qualities that form a persons character over a period of time:

  • personal security and confidence
  • accept criticism to learn from
  • open to new ideas
  • calm in adversity
  • honest
  • organize a vast amount of material
  • patient
  • finish what is started
  • others over self to achieve a better outcome

We all have much to work on to strengthen and sustain a high level of character. Strength of character and the qualities that form them can always be improved. Associate and learn with people of strong character to live your best and most productive life.

Never stop learning and applying how you might improve each quality to build upon the strength of your character.

“Character is destiny.” — Heraclitus —


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