Take the Time

Lessons fully learned are not always immediate.

In the case of this pandemic, there is a great deal left for us to learn in managing the risk of this virus. There is time to figure this out if we are patient, but people have grown fatigued as time passes. Be still.

Time is an ally and not an enemy in resolving many challenges that we face. Knowing that time will reveal the weakness of our prior plans and actions promotes our capacity to be more cautious and deliberate. The concrete objectives toward that desired end can be attained along the way. But, this takes time.

With learning patience, long-term goals remain the focus. Over time, concrete objectives are set and can be attained along the way. You resist emotional and irrational overreactions to what may occur in the present. You are able to see further into what the future may bring along your course.

Be patient, knowing you will eventually reach your long-term goals. Learn and apply what you are learning along the way to these goals.

“The years teach much which the days never know.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson —


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