Make Sandals

Emotions happens. Especially so as we approach challenging situations. These emotions can take us off course and into poorly formed actions that will work to set us back repeatedly.

What if you could instead learn to use these identified emotions to intensify your focus and actions, rather than falter from it?

Certainly it is important to recognize and accept that emotions will present themselves when we are challenged. This is natural.

Look closely at what it is that we fear and feel unprepared to deal with amid the challenge that generates these emotions. Focus then on the actions rather than the naturally occurring emotions.

Next, invest to learn in practice how to master those identified actions we fear that we may fail with. To adequately perform those actions that will counteract the natural emotions of the threatening challenges. We can use the onset of emotions then to even heighten our performance focus to excel greater rather than falter.

Your choice, your contingencies and your consequences amid emotions.

“To walk a thorny road, we may cover its every inch with leather or we can make sandals.” — Josh Waitzkin —


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