It’s been a long, dumpster fire-like year with many long and disruptive challenges extended to a global level. We all have, or will at some point, become fatigued with those seemingly fixed disruptions. While daunting and interruptive, the manner with which we deal with it determines our own future.

With a positive and optimistic mindset to continue learning and to persist for improvement, you will override the fatigue. All of life’s realities have never been controllable. They weren’t yesterday and won’t be today or tomorrow. Be still, don’t allow the disruptions to rule or override your positive mindset.

Each day can bring a new beginning to appreciate. Appreciation of the new won’t make the past disruptions go away, but it fixes your mind to the positive. Each can set their own positive course, irrespective of their challenges. What other way should we choose.

Most of the greatest individual accomplishments recorded over time have occurred under great duress. Your accomplishments and impact await, challenges or not. Others rely on you to be there for them as well, it is important to not let them down with

Appreciate today and each new day thereafter to continuously move forward. You may still become fatigued at times, but a positive mindset will promote our capacity to let the past go and move forward. Never forget the many blessings each of us holds so as not to be overwhelmed in the moment of challenges.

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.— Marcus Aurelius —


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