Be A Hero

An excitement builds and our depth of learning and personal growth increases when we are part of a cause for something much bigger than our own successful navigation of life. From this type of experience, we prosper by sharing a value with others.

In the coming year, determine beforehand what you will do to resource such a cause (thinking of the end first).

The cause needn’t be to solve world hunger, but you may chose to focus on hunger in your community. The cause might not be world peace, but you will help a veteran in your neighborhood to give back for all they have sacrificed for others.

The key is to become a significant resource for the benefit of others beyond what you would normally engage with. Not merely to donate money to a cause, but to personally engage with it to make a difference.

“To see people who will notice a need in the world and do something about it… Those are my heroes.” — Fred Rogers —

Do more good for more people this year. The opportunities are there for you to discover, small and simple or larger and more complex.

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