Last year was full of real disruptions. “Normal” was blown up for us across a number of facets. This was the case for the vast majority of the global population. Substantial adjustments needed to be determined and applied in a fairly short period of time. It was at times overwhelming amid the other realities we typically will face.

Each person took their own path while accepting or rejecting the advisement being offered. Some were thoughtful and others seemingly ignorant.

From this chaos, did you choose with purpose to learn and grow? Or, might you still be hoping to go back to the unthinking and routine ways to be normal again? Pick a 2020 disruption (pandemic, social isolation, social injustice, economic challenges, etc.) – Are you still learning and growing with each disruption?

With life’s realities, we must change to survive. We let go of normal to grow within our applied changes in the thoughts and actions we take. This promotes our capacity to again thrive beyond disruptions and chaos and not just merely survive to be a comfortable normal.

“Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.” — Charles Addams —

Let go of finding normal. Instead, continuously learn and apply what you are learning with others to thrive with the disruptions. There are many more to come.


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