Research has shown that a vast majority of New Years resolutions will litter the roadsides just one week into the “hope” to change for the better. For those people, there is always next year.

Without commitment and conviction to work through the change we need to make, there is only hope. Hoping alone doesn’t cut it. At least not for something that will significantly improve ourselves and others.

So what if you are six days into your change commitment and have stalled or faltered a bit? Keep going. First time success wasn’t the goal, the goal was to change a mindset and behaviors to form a new habit.

It is likely that you are only fighting a temporary resistance within yourself. Don’t give into self-pacifying excuses to help you feel better. You will only become better by working through it. With the onset of each new minute (1,440 per day), you are able to start/restart again.

The point to where you reach your full potential is out ahead of you, keep going. Most anything worth attaining takes commitment over a period of time. You couldn’t have thought it would be that easy to reach closer to your full potential, did you?

Get unstuck and go, the current minute is nearly over and the next minute to begin again is right ahead of you.

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will.” — Vince Lombardi —

Will you?


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