Keep Learning

So, a number of situations in our affairs appear to remain out of order. Disorder snuck right in with the new year it seems. What we recall from our past as being normal, still isn’t, nor does it appear to be anytime soon.

Within this mass of simultaneous disruptions, we might feel rushed to make a quick judgement, failing to gather the complete level of knowledge necessary for us to make our best decisions.

What’s the rush? Who needs your immediate decision and direction set today, other than your temporarily confused and possibly emotional self?

Confusion and emotional uncertainty are not the conditions for making a sound decision to pursue a best course of action. Remain calm and continue learning to the benefit of eventually making the right decision for yourself and others that you most closely relate with. Apply what you have learned when you have more certainty.

In most circumstances, we have the time to take that is necessary to continue learning. Pause the chaos in your minds so that you have the capacity to further analyze and simplify your best course. Others may be pressuring you to decide now so that they are not confused alone. But, remember here again, “calm is contagious,” you may help others as well by remaining calm in your analysis.

“True genius resides in the capacity for evaluation of the uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting information.” — Winston Churchill —

Be a genius rather than someone that might only react to the noise of confusion. There is time to learn before we might ever need to decide.


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