Two Horses?

It’s interesting to me that at the onset of many leadership transitions, the words and actions of some followers suddenly begin to shift, again. A new level of consciousness begins to appear for these people to fit comfortably into the new future with new leadership. It becomes quite obvious though that their primary motivation is to salvage, protect and/or separate themselves from the past. Especially under those circumstances where the follower had knowingly shelved their own principles, values and character amid wrongful acts because they greatly benefitted from them in some manner.

In the shift of motivations within a transition, what was overlooked is now a concern. What was tolerated is no longer okay. The uncertainty of the future for these people will accelerate wild swings of suddenly new awareness.

Better to have always stood for (in your thoughts, words, relationships, and actions) what you believed was right at all times than to have given away your personal character up to the point where it would no longer benefit you.

Your authentic character, based in your thoughts and actions should only be expanded or contracted based upon what you are continually learning and experiencing with others. Any changes or adaptations made outside of this logic would only be to follow along aimlessly for selfish reasons.

Here I will share a symbolic line from a forgettable movie, Sweet Home Alabama. “You can’t ride two horses with one ass.” Be a learned person of strong principles and values at all times as you learn your best course, transition or not.

“The omission of good is no less reprehensible than the commission of evil.” — Plutarch —


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