Made by History

Throughout our lives, we are given prompts and opportunities to continually learn from some remarkable people that have gone before us. In the lessons they offered and the actions that they took, we are capable of growing and achieving more with others.

It isn’t enough to simply read the words that were written for us as a society. To differentiate, we must commit to activate what we are learning. We each can make a difference in a larger ripple effect by applying what we have learned from them. To celebrate a birthday by enjoying a day off from work and reading a snippet on line of his greatness was never his intent.

Honor the leader of a movement by moving yourself. Move with others each day in your actions to truly make a difference with others. Recommit on this day each year to continue learning and applying what you have learned from his teaching.

Dr. King persisted time and time again to take one step after another amid the turmoil to live for his purpose. His impact was significant, honor that in your purpose and persistence for equality and opportunity for all. How will history make you?

“We are not makers of history. We are made by history.” — Martin Luther King Jr. —


2 thoughts on “Made by History

  1. I like this, really good reference for MLK Day and especially relevant for the events this past year. It makes me want to try to use this day as you pointed out-“honor that in your purpose and persistence for equality and opportunity for all.”

    Hey- great Photo of relaxing on the dock!


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