With each of the many disruptions in our lives, a number of dilemmas are created with what it is that we should believe. What is is we should do or do differently to remain on the best course possible for our lives and those we most closely relate with.

In these dilemma’s we often tend to quickly believe what we instinctually feel is right. It’s much more difficult to truly discover the realities and the evidence to learn to navigate disruptions with certainty in our decisions to be made.

When we ignore quite obvious evidence that is contrary to our instinct, we often go off course. Easier and more comfortable directions set by us in the moment doesn’t make it right.

Very few decisions based purely on instincts over evidence tend to lead us where we need to be in building toward’s our full potential. If the foundations of original decisions are faulty, they become very difficult to build upon as other dilemmas are presented. And there will be more.

“No satisfaction based upon self-deception is solid.” — Bertrand Russell —


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