Remain Curious

Very few experiences in life flow naturally without a problem or two along the way. We all face these dilemma’s in our lives. Some opt to learn and lead with their fate while others chose to stand still or perhaps follow along.

A key to continuous learning that will work to improve upon our fate is that we must remain curious. Like a unused muscle, a mind without a curiosity to discover falls into a state of decay.

Why would we come upon a dilemma for ourselves and simply walk on by with ignorance? Instead, look more deeply into the dilemma’s with an active curiosity to discover and resolve them in some fashion.

Active and applied learners are leaders in that they fall in love with the problems and exercise their curious minds to discover a better way than fate originally offered for themselves and others. Inactive, uncurious minds come to only accept their fate and generally respond only to complain about it.

From what you learned with great curiosity yesterday, what dilemma’s might you apply that learning to today? What must you learn today to apply again tomorrow? Remain curious.

“Act Different, Think Different, Make A Difference.” — Richard Branson —


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