Handle With Care?

To allow ourselves to become fragile, to ask others to handle us with care is not an option if we are to learn to live purposeful, productive and more meaningful lives.

The challenges that fate presents to us are unavoidable, you won’t even need to go looking for it. How we deal with the realities of your fate is a strong indicator of who we are today and who we will later become. We address the balance of the adversities we face by making the hard decision to become stronger, rather than weaker.

To approach fate with a mindset that you must be handled with care is the easier decision, one that leads to a much harder life. Complaining and the refusal to accept what is your fate is misguided. Learners deal with it and apply what it is they are learning.

Fate is what gives us cause to endure and to learn to improve upon ourselves and those we most closely relate with. We both accept and endure fate to self-initiate a more meaningful course together; no regrets. Build a bridge and get over it.

“If I step onto my misfortune, I stand higher.” — Holderlin —


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