I’ve read countless authors talk of the importance of having a distinct purpose that remains the absolute focus of their lives. In my applied learning experiences thus far, I continue to believe this to be true. Each of us needs a clear purpose to live our best lives.

With a clear purpose for ourselves, challenges and hardships will more quickly be surpassed in a constant pursuit of your purpose. Nothing could possibly deter you from this purpose. You move on, connecting with your purpose.

With a clear purpose for ourselves, successes are cherished more intensely. Each of these successes fulfills a step forward in the lifetime act of reaching toward significance with the celebratory inspiration to stretch again and again toward your purpose.

Each should have a clear purpose for their life. I am still learning, but I can validate from my experience that with a clear purpose, I will live to be more fulfilled, resilient and learned by experience in the focused contributions I will make in my lifetime. I will never be aimless, I have a full lifetime of my purpose to pursue.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why? — Mark Twain —


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