Why write a blog post on a -27 degree early Tuesday morning from Nebraska?

Good question.

I write a post each weekday morning to encourage self-initiating learners to continue learning. To continually learn by consuming a brief thought and reference to connect the identified concept that day with what they are currently focused on. To then apply it or not as they see fit in the balance of their work or their life. This is my model. I write each weekday, cold weather or hot for my own continuous learning and for others curious to learn from the intended value in this coaching approach.

As I have seen with the numerous blogs that I have read over time, there eventually belies a business model of some form that tends to grow from an originating purpose for the content being shared. After all, the responsibility of a business is to create a customer. This makes sense, but creating customers and growing revenues can become a distraction from the originating purpose of the writing.

The margins of blog posts become filled with distracting advertisements to generate revenues. Finances will then become tracked and measured to focus the material on growing the number of readers/consumers to then increase on-line ad revenues. Ancillary products and specialty offerings will eventually be crafted. The art of writing for an originating value proposition can then be transformed into the science of building a growing, profitable business model. The purpose of creating consumer value can be lost.

Business makes the world go around. This is great for all of us if the business remains centered on the primacy of the original art of writing for the value of the consumer. However, the shifting tendency can quickly become centered on what is best for those running the business and not the customer.

If you are in real estate, the primacy should be the consumer.

If you are in social services leadership, the primacy should be on the consumer.

If you are a teacher, the primacy should be on the consumer, the student.

If you are an operations leader, the primacy should be on the consumer.

If you manage the investments of others, the primacy should be on the consumer.

If you write a blog, the primacy should be on the consumer.

“An organization begins to die the day it begins to run for the benefit of insiders and not the benefit of outsiders.” — Peter Drucker —


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