Yesterday was really an off day. How long will you suffer from it?

There will be those days where one mistake seems to follow another and then another with building negative momentum. You were simply not at your best and it got worse from there.

Amid the adversity of having made a mistake, we can allow thoughts of inferiority to rush in. With accelerated levels of self-defeating thoughts, we fold. We can unwittingly allow ourselves to mold one mistake into many.

On these occasions, I focus to apply a lesson I once heard from a pro golfer: In the event that you make a very poor shot (as all that golf will do), you have only seven steps walking toward your next shot to entirely forget that last shot so that you can fully focus on the next. Allowing one shot to affect the next is very detrimental to our performance. One bad stroke/mistake will destroy a round of golf it you let it. The mental aspects of all “games” can easily beat you.

There will be mistakes/bad shots/bad days. Recognize the mistake as you make your seven recovery steps. Move on with the confidence you had in your game before the first mistake as you continue learning. Do the same after every bad shot if you want to become better.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” — Eleanor Roosevelt —


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