Learn, Teach

What active role will you take each day in creating a learning condition in your life and in your work for yourself and with others?

Some regularly show up with no intent for learning anything better. They condition themselves and others to comfortably repeat the same day of experience over and over, firmly set with only what they already know. They decay in lost experiences, no longer looking to be a student, a learner or a teacher.

Others occasionally grow to become curious for learning to be better and to relate well with others to share in the possibility of generating a greater value through continuous learning. They then grow with applied experience as they open themselves up to become a student and a learner. But there is more.

Some people become accomplished with learning to where they reach the point where they become their own teacher and grow to lead as a teacher with others. They’ve grown through experiences and teaching enough to self-initiate new opportunities to learn and grow. They now own their learning process and set the stage for others to learn with them and then on their own. They grow as do the others around them. Surround yourself with these people and you will thrive yourself.

Learning does not happen by chance. Showing up doesn’t count. Experience life as a daily opportunity to continue learning. Relate well with others to do the same, even as they appear to not yet be ready. Be patient, but persistant to find a way to reach others in building their capacity to learn. They may then grow eventually to teach themselves and others without your intentional efforts.

“When you learn, teach. When you get, give.” — Maya Angelou —


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