Are You Sure?

Each of us hold onto beliefs that have gone unchanged and unchallenged with no overt discretion on our part for quite some time. We wholeheartedly believed in many things that we are now forced at least to reconsideration with the disruption of a global pandemic. Some hold fast to what they believed before and others have become less sure of their beliefs and they have changed. Are you sure?

Look again at other beliefs you have held for a very long time with no doubt you are right in your thoughts and in your actions.

Conditions change, whether ignored or perceived. We change, whether ignored or perceived. Others change, whether ignored or perceived. It is better to perceive and to learn again rather than ignore.

Have an open mindset and a persistent curiosity to continue learning. Challenge again what you have forever believed to be absolutely true. From this you will acquire a greater depth of wisdom, even if you would hold the same belief after examination.

“Now and then, hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for granted.” — Bertrand Russell —


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