Asking a good question can open the minds of others that you closely relate with. The focus of the question being what is possible, rather than what is wrong. A good questions urges us to engage with others to learn and to act differently together so that we understand something at a deeper level as we work through solving it.

Simply giving people your good answer tends to close the minds of others. Your answer implies that you confidently know what is best for yourself and others. No need to think through this one together, I know what is wrong here and I’ve solved it for everyone with this answer. With a good answer, you are merely trying to keep everything in your control as it is, with little room or time to engage others to learn a better way along with us.

Where you might generally provide a good answer today, instead ask a better question of another. Look to ask your question in the framework of what do they see as being possible. Good questions open minds to learning for those engaged together in it.

We couldn’t possibly have all the good answers, could we? Aren’t we all still learning?

“Questions draw us together. Answers push us apart.” — Peter Block —


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