# 700

Shortly after I began writing a post on this website each weekday morning in June of 2018, I more fully realized that I had a lot to learn about creating and coaching others to learn from a blog. As taught to do from my parents, you go find the answer yourself. So I found a book titled, “Nobody Wants To Read Your Shit” by Steven Pressfield. He seemed like my kind of coach, just from the title he chose.

Today’s post is number 700, what have I learned thus far? People are busy, it’s entirely up to them if they take a few minutes to read what you have written. They must be compelled to read it once and then again and again if any value is to be derived from my writing. The goal hasn’t been to have a large and growing group of readers each day, but rather to present a learning concept worth reading that will help the self-initiated reader to be better each day than they would be on their own. This is what coaches do, they work to help others be better as they experience and participate in a learning practice with you.

With some of you that I am closest to, I appreciate it when you have shared that reading these posts each day or week have become a part of your learning practice. You make time to learn, to work to be better, even when you are busy. This is who I have come to write for as a coach, along with myself in my own learning practice.

With those that I don’t speak with regularly, I remain curious to know the extent or scale with which others stop to read at least a post or two. I can only get data from those that go directly to the web site to read it, not with those who have a daily e-mail feed. To enjoy the moment of reaching #700 with me, I will share what know from the WordPress site data to date: 5,138 views on the web site; 2,092 total visitors; Visitors from thirty-four countries and the United States.

*As a favor to me in this moment, I’d like to ask each e-mail subscriber to reply or comment “I am Still Learning” or whatever else you would like to note, after you have read this post. Capturing the scale at this point in time will help to know the breadth of the audience and to better answer the question posed in the reference I discovered early on: Does anyone want to read your shit?

“Of all the people you will know in a lifetime, you are the only one you will never leave or lose. To the question of your life, you are the only answer.” — Jo Coudert —

Learn and apply what you are learning, you are the only answer.


“Of all the people you will –

7 thoughts on “# 700

  1. Your shit is always worth reading. I continue to learn, share your words and always give credit and thanks to have been part of your team. Here is to the next 7 (+ unlimited # of zeroes). 


  2. I am Still Learning! Just want you to know I haven’t missed a post and while I don’t tell you all the time, I take 2-3 lessons to apply each week.


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  3. Finally catching up on these after a crazy couple days with the reconciliation bill. I am still learning!!

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