Pick A Side

Whose side are you on? What do you really know about either side before you join one? Who or what created the buzz that makes you to feel as though your opinion is required on this matter?

Social instinct and pressures can lure us to want to be a part of a larger group, but pause to think for yourself before casually joining a side. Hold your opinion until you might learn and know the realities of the matter. If you aren’t willing or able to truly learn of those realities before you respond, then offer no opinion at all.

Not to minimize the seriousness of important social and legal issues faced by others in example, but I have no side to take or opinion to offer on the conservatorship battles of Britney Spears. People will continue to talk about the issue at hand for others and people will choose a side to either Free Britney or to possibly side with a parent.

If and when we might need to learn more of a conservatorship to be used as a legal protection with another, we should then invest the time to know it fully and apply what I have learned as an informed decision. Neither Britney or her parent are seeking our uninformed opinions and the side we might take on the matter at this time. If you feel the pull of belonging by weighing in on a matter outside of your known realities, first learn.

“Do your own thinking independently. Be the chess player, not the chess piece.” — Ralph Charell —


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