Your Pace is ….

We are all aware of people that seem to run at most everything at full speed. All accelerator and no brake I would say. This full speed for everything approach demonstrates a lack of discipline that is often as unproductive or even worse than standing completely idle. Set your own pace.

Seeking and managing yourself in balance toward the middle ground is a critical discipline to focus on. A middle ground as reference for how best to get where you intend to, not as a reference to settle for middle level performance. A discipline to temper a balance in the pursuit and sustainment of learning, growth, and success (especially when others are engaged with you).

Aristotle visualized for us this principled balance of approach as one of reaching the golden mean or the midpoint of the circle. Focusing to discover and sustain on the small dot, precisely in the middle of a circle, would indicate a perfect balance. To balance thoughts, actions and relationships between accelerator and brake; courage and cowardice; risk acceptance and aversion; generosity and stingy; forgiving and unforgiving; leading and following; ego and humility.

Focus to balance with great discipline in your approach to remain on or near the precise mid-point of the circle. Operate in the golden mean as your applied learning challenge. You control this balance, only you.

“The evidence is in, and you are the verdict.” — Anne Lamont —


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