Pick A Side

It seems that my attention is being taunted more and more to simply pick one divisive side or the other. No middle ground or thinking required, just pick one group or the other. Learning and enhancing a knowledge base needn’t be considered in your decisions, belonging with a significant influence becomes the central pull.

Learn more for yourself before you would decide to alter/adapt your thoughts and your actions. Take account for where you are currently at as an individual before you authentically move to be more informed toward one way or another.

Patiently set your own attention levels. Some divisive “causes” seeking to take you in as a follower are worth no additional thought, action or opinion for that matter. Others causes for change are very important and worthy of additional learning on your part to evolve and grow as a relatable contributor in society.

Don’t pretend to change by simply picking one side or the other for matter that are most important. Discern what matters and learn authentically for the change you will conscientiously make as you apply what you are learning over time. No rush, just keep learning.

Readily assumed change becomes obvious because you didn’t learn it, you would only be following it with no depth.

Authentic change becomes obvious as well because you own it as a part of yourself for what you are learning relative to that cause.

Never stand still, we should always be learning. But know where you are starting from to inform yourself to a greater depth and then act. Pick learning and not one uninformed side or another.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson —


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