The pandemic isn’t yet overcome, but we are closer. Vaccines are becoming more widely distributed. Remedies are much improved. Prevention is more clearly defined.

Knowing what we have learned over the past year, we shouldn’t ever return to a prior condition as being normal. There will being changes made from this disruption. There are better decisions to be made with what we have learned.

There will be the occasion of returning to more common things of the past, but with what we have learned, we would approach them differently. Some with a greater joy because we have missed them. Some we may never engage in again.

A key is to continue moving forward, to continue learning and applying what you have learned from these experiences. Some people changed very little, almost in total disregard of the disruption. Some people dramatically altered their lives in their choices for how best to proceed. Most were in the middle with the decisions they made.

We should learn from both our experiences and the experiences of others to set a best course for our lives. Not to return to the normal past, but to decide for better in the present with what we have learned.

“There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.” — Franklin D. Rooselvelt —


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