Would you like to be happy today? Then you’ll have to make the right decisions for how you will act. As Kierkegard reminds us, the door to happiness opens outward. Happiness is an outcome fulfilled by a duty, by actions we take rather than magically coming from within ourselves.

Happiness isn’t about what you expect and then receive from life. Happiness is more about what life expects from you and how you respond.

There are tasks and duties waiting for each of us today. These duties will naturally come from the questions and challenges presented for you. You will address them or you will not. Each of us is entirely unique in the mindset we approach these questions with and therefore determine what actions we will take that will produce the outcome of our feeling happy.

Determine which questions and challenges you will answer toward your purpose in life to be happy. What is life expecting of you today? Amid these expectations, you will go outward to find happiness.

“Happiness is not just a mood. It’s a work ethic.” — Shawn Achor —


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