There comes a time when you realize that you thought you fully knew and understood another person, yet they responded in a totally different fashion.

If you really want to come to know someone, pay deeper attention. Avoid the instinct to categorize another and believe you know that “type.” No person is truly a type or a category, this comes from your idle and lazy judgments. Each person has a very unique mindset. They have lived experiences that have shaped them. They have specific things that motivate them.

A great way to truly know another is to be empathetic with them. Take their perspective with great interest to really interpret them. Misreading them or not attempting to read them at all creates great deficits if you are to relate together in any form. Learn more deeply of their mindset and what they value. Focus on what they do rather than on what they say.

We count on one another, have empathy to truly know the person.

“I think a lot of what we learn about others isn’t what they tell us. It’s what we observe. People can tell us anything they want.” — Lain Reid —


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