I Disagree

Most of the best ideas within a group start with disagreement. What was once known by the learned, is interrupted by those still learning. The learned mind and the mindful still learning clash.

If there is no consideration from the learned to discover a better way, ideas that require change can largely be stifled. Without an applied learning test of ideas, a group will remain the same in their knowledge level and consistent with their approach. Collectively, they will have stopped learning.

Disagreement first begin within each of us. Are we ourselves open to self-initiating a purposeful effort to grow from learned to learning? Would we then be confident enough to commit to then disagreeing with others to spread what you are learning?

Look to disagree with yourself, even with your most convicted thoughts. This is where learning and applying what you are learning is generated from. The end in mind is not to be most learned, but to still be learning.

“Far more crucial than what we know or do not know is what we do not want to know.” — Eric Hoffer —


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