Know Reality

Many are quick to want to solve a problem with no knowledge in the realities of the situation they seek to address. In a rush to fix, they ignore the underlying wonders of reality. They merely offer ideas rather than solutions.

We should begin with the authentic assumption that we will first need to learn from reality. This requires humility, patience and grace. That is probably why most avoid prescriptive learning.

We should begin by asking questions and listening rather than offering our ideas from only our prior experiences.

We should come to know from those people experiencing the problem for what it is and as they individually are perceiving it as.

Listen, experience and ask questions to learn first. You will then know how to offer your wisdom. This is how you will do what is right for all, rather than what is easy for you.

Solutions that generate lasting impact aren’t easy.

Have the moral courage to live in the gray… Live by the questions so that, one day, you will live yourself into the answers.” — Jacqueline Novogratz —


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