It seems as though others are paying very little attention to the contributions you make. Yesterdays results have come to be acceptable, but not exceptional enough to draw much interest. You can either settle with being good enough or make a conscious effort to learn to apply again to become better, to earn greater attention.

Seth Godin offers primary assets to be considered if you move to garner greater attention from your contributions:

  • Trust and Permission- earn an opportunity to positively surprise another, permission granted to be heard
  • Remarkability- new and untested, fresh and risky context that draws people in
  • Leadership- generating tomorrows results ahead of the crowd through variation
  • Stories That Spread- others seek to join with earned attention, an excitement to share with others
  • Humanity- connection, compassion, and humility to bring others together

With these assets put together, there grows a foundation to draw the attention of others to be a part of something new, different and better. You will gain accomplices joining a movement, rather than bystanders. Others will become to be fans that want to be a contributor and be a part of this new attention.

Why settle to only be good enough? Dare to earn positive attention, not waiting for it while remaining ordinary.

“Holding back is so close to stealing.” — Neal Young —


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