Be Noble

When we are made to do something, we might not engage to perform at our highest level. We may hold back because we didn’t think to do it on our own. Other’s required this of you.

When we chose to do something well simply because it is the right thing to do, our idea or not, we engage more fully to do our best work.

We don’t have to do the right thing all of the time. We generally have the option to fully engage or not. You have the option to just get by, to be selfish, and/or to be largely unconcerned for when others rely upon you.

Think to do the right things, to do your duty because you can and because you want to. Even if it weren’t your idea to begin with, people grow to rely on your contributions and you doing the right thing.

“Nothing is noble if it is done unwillingly or under compulsions. Every noble deed is voluntary.” — Seneca —


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