Think before you form a subjective opinion of an objective event in your life.

Why start with a divisive opinion of each objective event in our lives? Everything needn’t be either good or bad in your opinion. Some events just are what they are and we move on unaffected. Hold your learned insight for matters that are most important, ones where you might make a contributing change for the better.

In crafting opinions, some generate a very busy pattern of misery and suffering. Others lean the opposite way, seemingly making up a fantasy world of aimless momentum to nowhere. Armed with their subjective opinion, some wish to exert their position to become yours, so that you might suffer or fantasize with them.

Some events should be left as they are without our opinions or the opinions of others. Remember that some events just happen. Discern to simply leave them as they were and move on to make the most from them as you are learning.

“There is no evil in changing, just as there is no good in persisting in a new state.” — Marcus Aurelius —


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