Be aware when you start to believe that a task you once performed with pride is now below you. After all, someone of your experience, wisdom and status shouldn’t have to do that inane task any longer.

Self asserted pride in oneself quickly will become a distractor and a deluder in your practice of continually learning. You may have had a few wins and made some progress in your applied learning, but as is frequently stated, pride comes before a fall. Building your own sense of pride in yourself will come back to haunt you.

Seek much more than praise in your efforts to contribute. Always aim to do just the right things at the right times as one that adds value, irrespective of the tasks to get there. Don’t position a task or a person to be below you. Remain humble to learn and relearn again from whatever tasks or opportunities you find that would be best for you to complete.

“That on which you so pride yourself will be your ruin, you think yourself to be someone.” — Meander —


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