Hanging On

Success rarely comes with ease. To be successful generally requires a long term effort of learning and experiencing to find out how to become better. The long term effort requires a high level of persistence, discipline and energy. Few will stick with the work long enough to become successful at it.

As a writer, I am still learning through application and experience to become successful. Along the way, I point toward success by knowing that another can learn from what I have referenced a particular day. The Word Press format is my assumed meeting room that I use as a coach to spark a timely or novel thought or two for others persisting forward toward success themselves.

Today marks a milestone of sorts in my effort to learn to write successfully. If you have regularly read this blog for awhile, you may know that I stop for a moment to enjoy milestones. There have now been over 5,000 “views” of the daily learning references shared in this meeting room. Those viewers on the website now span across forty-three different countries, most on a very small scale. Not an indicator of success, but a milestone noted amid the long term effort to hang in there. We are still learning.

“Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.” — William Feather —


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