When everything appears to be certain, life is felt to be in order. Life, as we are living it, is largely matching our expectations. Things will turn out the way that we thought they would.

When everything is in a state of chaos, life comes to be in the form of disorder. Our expectations are not met and things turn out differently than we thought they would.

We know from learned experiences, that life is often lived across the middle of both chaos and order. We have plans for order, but chaos will interrupt. We navigate between the known and the unexplored.

How we approach life to balance chaos and order is critical to our well-being. We seek to remain in the comfort of order, yet capture more meaning amid chaos and it’s disruptive nature. As we learn by doing, we discover again what matters most to us and we push ourselves to return to a new order of sorts. From chaos comes growth if we respond favorably to learn from it and evolve.

Be aware of your balance between order and chaos. Too much order is underwhelming. Too much chaos is overwhelming. You can’t control what life brings, but you can learn to again balance in a middle ground. You are in absolute control and free to determine how you will respond to it. Treat yourself amid this determination as if you were someone you were most responsible for helping. Who better than you to know best how you should respond.

“Chaos is merely order waiting to be deciphered.” — Jose Saramago —


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