Ask Why?

I’ve gotten used to doing it this way.

This is the most comfortable for me.

I have always done it this way.

If you find yourself making the above statements, you are generally rationalizing that you no longer need to learn to experience life differently. A sort of comfort within yourself to just leave well enough alone.

We needn’t change everything, but remain open to evaluate the patterns and routines that we sustain before they would come to be harmful to yourself and others. Because we are used to it doesn’t make it the best way.

Continue to establish new goals that will challenge you. Learn your way to accomplish something better. Commit to persist with a determination to do new things that bring awkwardness and discomfort so that you expose opportunities to learn for the better.

Ask yourself again why you do those things that you most routinely do.

“Many are stubborn in the path they have chosen, few in pursuit of the goal.” — Freidrich Nietzsche —


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