Digest It

What will you do with the information that you take in? Do you look immediately for what might be it’s application in your experiences?

The clear intention of this writing is to convey a learned thought or reference that you will consider for application in your own, very unique life and circumstances. Through consideration, another would translate in their mind this presented thought into their existence to learn from it’s application.

To merely scan the words that we read or to give no real consideration for what we observe is wasteful. Life offers great opportunities to learn if we are open to doing so. Life also offers opportunities to pass through it with little to no intake for learning at all. Learning through opportunities is not an autonomous human function, we must be focused and even determined to learn for it to happen.

“To read without reflecting is like eating without digesting.” — Edmund Burke —

Focus to digest knowledge as automatically and efficiently as your body does on it’s own with what you feed into it.


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