Jack L. Hodge has cited from research that as much as 90% of our everyday behavior is based on habit. habits then determine nearly everything we do and how we do it in a given day. This pattern of habits then will essentially become the memorized playbook that we tend to follow as we navigate through each day. Better habits in application will produce better results, outcomes and impact through our actions.

What then are your habits? It pays to know your habits and to mindfully think to improve upon those that will not get you to where you want to be in the end. If we were to conscientiously center our continuous learning efforts to form new and better habits, improvement would result.

No one can else can specifically identify and alter your habits for you. They may offer feedback or coaching of some nature, but the mindset and the actions to change them lie only within you. Crappy habits, crappy outcomes.

If we want better outcomes, we need better habits. Determine your course, not just hope for improvement. Change your habit playbook. Great habits, great outcomes.

“By changing our mindset and habits, we can dramatically change the course of life, improve intelligence, productivity, improve the quality of our lives, and improve every single education and business outcome.” — Shawn Achor —


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