Keep It Simple

It’s lazy to attempt to consider everything, only to do nothing. It’s courageous to learn to simplify and to act.

Life is complicated. Decisions need to be made and directions need to be set if we are to progress. Life is made more complicated if we don’t stop to simplify things. If we aim to examine all variables and all conditions, we quickly become overwhelmed. When overwhelmed, we hesitate to ever move forward.

Continual progress is made with the experienced wisdom to determine the very few vital variables and then the vital actions you will need to move onward. Omitting the noise, the opposing opinions and the irrelevant for only what matters the most.

Learn and apply with simplification. From this you will learn again and reapply with greater wisdom. We learn by doing, not by eternal consideration.

“To complicate is simple, to simplify is complicated…. Everybody is able to complicate. Only a few can simplify.” — Bruce Manari —


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