I’ll Show You

Within a divisive culture, a growing theme appears to be that if you feel “wronged” in any matter or opinion, it is justified for one to react to get back at another. Pause for a minute or two if you feel the need to respond to show another. What is it that you will hope to accomplish and how would showing someone up help you to do this in a better way?

In reality, the reactive thoughts of revenge will come to wear more on you than the one you hoped to negatively impact. In revenge, you often change to lose course of what matters most to you to merely focus more on what matters most to them. Doing the right things at the right time to accomplish your work will rarely benefit from time spent to put another in their place along the way.

Think the opposite of revenge, it’s better for you to let it go. Remain on your applied learning course. Still be open to your observations and the influences offered from others, we always have much to learn. Time spent with revenge for what you have experienced is rarely productive as you continue learning.

“The best revenge is not to be like that.” — Macus Aurelius —


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