Temperance, a position of self-control that we set for ourselves. We will reach further toward our purpose when we frequently pause to reconsider and redirect our rationally determined principles of self-control.

It is easy to observe another that has gone too far with loss of self-control. It is also quite evident to observe others that never go far enough. With most circumstances there is a mean for where we should set our level of self-control. Where have you set your position of temperance?

The self-control to engage fully at the right moment, but no further.

The self-control not to condemn another’s thoughts, but to demonstrate for others a curious and influential position to be emulated or admired.

The self-control to enjoy something while keeping our senses clear.

The self-control to abstain completely when it is best for us and others.

The self-control to neither be excessive or less than enough.

Set your position wisely, rather than simply flow about uncontrolled.

“Have more than you show, speak less than you know.” — William Shakespeare —


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