Continue learning, lessons will always be offered throughout our lifetimes. The experience of moving through a global pandemic is a lesson of very broad scale that affected nearly everyone in some fashion. Each and every one of us has set our own course thus far.

In the face of any uncertainty, each individual is presented with an opportunity to learn for themselves how to best move forward. Pandemic guidance was offered to each of us in many different forms and from many different sources. Communities were even pushed to form policies to guide the masses as they best saw fit. Guidance is everywhere to continue learning from if we choose to learn from it.

Each individual continues to respond as they see fit to all of their challenges in life. There will always be things unknown that we will need to act our way through before we can be certain. Keep an open mind to challenge what you once thought you knew to be true. Move further on from your current assumptions or preferred opinions to know better for yourself how you will act next.

“Life does not ask us what we want. It presents us with options.” — Thomas Sowell —


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